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Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler PUMP CONSULTING

Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps PUMP CONSULTING


Renroc Group is pleased to offer pump consulting services. As a part of our pump consulting we are committed to providing comprehensive services to engineers, end users of all pump types, and to pump manufacturers.


The company’s Technical Engineering Manager and principal consultant, Matthew Thompson, is a registered professional engineer, who holds a Bachelor of Mechatronics with 1st Class Honors from Monash University.


Along with our other engineers on Staff, Renroc Group has more than forty years of practical engineering experience in the field of pumps and pump systems.


Services that we offer include;

• Pump selection and analysis, speed selection,

• Layout drawings and installation details.

• Pump applications, performance curves, and system operating characteristics;

• Cavitation and NPSH analysis,

• Multi-pump operation, complex systems and siphon systems;

• Pump design, model testing, performance determination, curve extrapolation, and bearing selection;

• Piping and conduit design, calculation of friction losses in pipes, valves and fittings;

• Materials selection for pumps and piping systems to suit the applications;

• Flow measurements, witnessed factory, or field testing and review reports;

• Analysis and solutions to existing problem stations;

• Economics of pumping systems-computer analysis of direct and indirect costs, operating costs, and plant life analysis;

• Vibration and noise – shaft vibrations, torsion critical speed analysis, and noise analysis;

• Shaft design and analysis;

If you would like to be contacted about our pump consulting services please go to the contact us section and either email or phone us to discuss your requirements.

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